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20 ago. 2011

Whispersorrow - The Beginning of...the Sad Journey

Whispersorrow,is a band from Greece,formed in the middle of  2010,under the name ''Psithiros''.After a lot of practice and thoughts,the band reformed in 2011 as ''Whispersorrow'' and the sound became more mature. This is Whispersorrow,a new sad beginning,the expression of negativity and hate.Psithiros is the only member.

Banda: Whispersorrow
Álbum: The Beginning of...the Sad Journey
Género: (Depressive / Raw / Pagan / NS / Atmospheric) Black Metal,Funeral Doom Metal,Dark Ambient and also Noise,Punk,Experimental and Piano music.
País:  Grecia
Año: 2011
1.- The Beginning Of...
2.- The Sad Journey 


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